Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I’m Going Silent this Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic

"Why do you always wear that scarf around your neck?", my friend always asked. And I would always say, "I must never take off my scarf!" as I smiled to my friend, Odah. "This Halloween, when i get my Nokia 5320 XpressMusic, I'll tell you why." Odah picked up my Nokia 5300 from the table and gave it to me. "I don't understand why do you have to wait but okay. Don't forget your phone!", said my friend. And off we go to the costume shop to buy some scary outfit for Odah.

Halloween came and Odah was so excited. She wore long sleeves old brownish kaftan reaching to her ankles together with a long hair wig. She looks like a perfect Banshee! What she didn't know was that I didn't have any costume. "Why aren't you wearing your scary costume? And with that scarf? You're got to be kidding me!", she laughs. I just keep my silence. "So you don't want to speak to me, great!", said Odah.

"Come on! We're late for the Halloween party." Odah said. She grab my hand, run towards our hostel room's front door when she accidently kicked something hard. "Oh, there's a package delivered to our front door and at night? Funny! I believe this is for you, there's your name written on it." Odah picked up the box and gave it to me. I smiled to her and said "you musn't tell what is going to happen to anyone!". Odah scratched her head and nodded.

I opened the box and saw my Nokia 5320 XpressMusic. I switched it on and take off my scarf. POP! My head came off. It rolled right to the floor, bouncing in the moonlight! One large fear sparks through Odah's eye. "I can only be myself when it's Halloween and with my Nokia 5320 XpressMusic in hand. I've been living with this curse for years. That's why Nokia XpressMusic makes my Halloween better. It has 225 battery stand by hours compared to my old phone only 223. Now I can be myself a lot longer!"

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